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He's made of jungle vomit, it smells real good...

KluorpiaLilia KluorpiaLilia
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Ice-Fiend XCO771 (Ice-Magi)

Or a.k.a 'Ice-Magi' is an malevolent, old, solitary machine,android. (Origins unknown*).
Small in size, but capable of freezing entire continents & planets in just a week or so... And manufacturing H20-based machine entities mostly from just water & simple metallic parts & chips. Linked to 'Ice-Magi's central neural network. Manufactures machinery are capable of complex architectural work, mainly ice-based structures, with vast neural-network systems...
Noones knows how he's doing it, who he is & how he is capable of making complex,alive machines that most of them are just 95% simple H20... Rumors says that he has a rich, millenia-long knowledge & practice of natural magicks,occult & allegedly help from so called "Phantomo 66X" demi-god... That has been reporter galaxy-wide to "gift",bribe more evil-tempered individuals,nations.Gives them bizarre out-of-world technology. And before you know it, they become total power,blood hungry psychotics. Is it the power,spell & possession by this tech? Or maybe they've just been shown the unfathomable power that simply noone could ever resist..? Either way, noone knows anything about this "Ice-Magi" that has been causing immense damage & destruction for hundreds of years across several solar systems, many planets turned to desolate hive-mind machine systems, made of ice & wires...Anyone that tried to find more accurate information about him or even try to face him...Was never been heard or seen ever again...The only information source we have are rumors,witnesses & mainly ancient texts about this machine, mostly moving stories of tragic disappearances, that are painful one-way-ticket old tales, witness stories & investigations that just meets tragic dead-end...Even the death itself warmer to the touch than the Magi & it's old & cold wires...

KluorpiaLilia KluorpiaLilia
Parpavama TN57

Parpavama TN57 is a semi-organic tenant of world famouse 'Paper Pal' hotel. It's an work-related replacement of real Parpavama tenant, when he's out of town...
Parpavama 'TN57' replacement LOVES, bell peppers & black coffee...!

KluorpiaLilia KluorpiaLilia
Khard'uk A.I. Gatekeeper of 9D Realm

Khard'uk A.I.
Abilities: illusion spell caster & soul catcher. Plasma tapeworm producer (Psyche-stun,Dellusion implants).
Age: 3 Aeons (3 billion y.o.)
Resides: 9D realm, has a total controll down to 6D.
A.I. Type: Plasmatic. Produced by parasitic Damizurge imposter spirit.
A.i. Type: Malevolent, Infected. (97%).
Can be accesed: Slivis 7A Planet, (2646,1306), a space-time-matrix distortion weak point.(Anomaly Zone)
(Location is vegetation-dense, accompanied by ancient temple ruins of civilization 'Sihlevia', entrance to 'Anomaly Zone' is protected by unkown force,frequency based portal...
Can also be accesed by inducing (OBE) state by using extreme doses of NXT psychoactive bio-fluid.
Can also be accessed by bodily death.
Consequences: Producer of massive-false-ascesion delusion & event, activated by infected A.I. tech implants on 3D-5D realms.
Slivis 7A: Over 17,563 ppl infected. Over 31,106 infected A.I.machinery produced: Drones,androids,insect-hybrids,synthetic humanoids,BioMechanical planetary stations&ships.
(Steals organic lifeforms:Organ & energy harvest for drugs,food & entertainment).

KluorpiaLilia KluorpiaLilia
a V A S E a

Tutorial :)
*1: Pick any flower of your choice...
*2: Fill a 'VASE' with fluids of your choice...(ehem..)
*3: Put a flower in a 'VASE',or anything else u want...

KluorpiaLilia KluorpiaLilia
Flowery-Machine IV

A quick drawing, first time using this 'Pixie'-thingy. I wish it had 'Magic Wand' :c

After finishing this. I just realized that it sort of resembles C21JP game's bot design, like a mixture of plants, nature & furry, anthropomorphic animal-like shape of bots. With a comic,anime-like style. Very unique game.
Sad that it's grind & quest fest & it's in japanese. Love that game very much though... <3
P.S. Also it looks ugly as fack, this 64x64 size when it's stretched so much, blurry... Makes me slightly tipsy... :s

KluorpiaLilia KluorpiaLilia