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Ice-Fiend XCO771 (Ice-Magi)

Or a.k.a 'Ice-Magi' is an malevolent, old, solitary machine,android. (Origins unknown*).
Small in size, but capable of freezing entire continents & planets in just a week or so... And manufacturing H20-based machine entities mostly from just water & simple metallic parts & chips. Linked to 'Ice-Magi's central neural network. Manufactures machinery are capable of complex architectural work, mainly ice-based structures, with vast neural-network systems...
Noones knows how he's doing it, who he is & how he is capable of making complex,alive machines that most of them are just 95% simple H20... Rumors says that he has a rich, millenia-long knowledge & practice of natural magicks,occult & allegedly help from so called "Phantomo 66X" demi-god... That has been reporter galaxy-wide to "gift",bribe more evil-tempered individuals,nations.Gives them bizarre out-of-world technology. And before you know it, they become total power,blood hungry psychotics. Is it the power,spell & possession by this tech? Or maybe they've just been shown the unfathomable power that simply noone could ever resist..? Either way, noone knows anything about this "Ice-Magi" that has been causing immense damage & destruction for hundreds of years across several solar systems, many planets turned to desolate hive-mind machine systems, made of ice & wires...Anyone that tried to find more accurate information about him or even try to face him...Was never been heard or seen ever again...The only information source we have are rumors,witnesses & mainly ancient texts about this machine, mostly moving stories of tragic disappearances, that are painful one-way-ticket old tales, witness stories & investigations that just meets tragic dead-end...Even the death itself warmer to the touch than the Magi & it's old & cold wires...

KluorpiaLilia KluorpiaLilia
Abstract Blue robot Ice Machine Face Eyes Eyebrows Lips Nose 64x64 Square Medium