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Two kinds of LOVE

Thanks to Milpup good title! Anyways, it's the SOULs of Frisk and Chara(Genocide specific)... I just felt like putting them together. I couldn't come up with a name, but Mil sure helped me out of that tight spot!

Sydysquidy112 Sydysquidy112
pixelmayham pixelmayham AlexiaDLC AlexiaDLC nicholasgquartarone nicholasgquartarone djdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjddjdjdjdjdj djdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjddjdjdjdjdj BerryBunny903 BerryBunny903 Racingkats10 Racingkats10 Rajronda Rajronda carpandelo carpandelo carpandelo carpandelo Sansfan99 Sansfan99
GOOD NEWS!! πŸ“°πŸ“

NO PANIC PLEASE!!! the OVNIS don't exsist!! Is confirmed that there is not OVNIS in the Earth. πŸ‘½βŒ

sofiabuscemabouso09 sofiabuscemabouso09
Sansfan99 Sansfan99 Sansfan99 Sansfan99 AlexiaDLC AlexiaDLC Lofah Lofah MaxSchuelke MaxSchuelke carpandelo carpandelo natalielschmidt64 natalielschmidt64 isabelbustaur22 isabelbustaur22 marirovi2407 marirovi2407 AlexiaDLC AlexiaDLC shannonmelisa shannonmelisa


smez smez
pixie_user-599 pixie_user-599 shannonmelisa shannonmelisa carpandelo carpandelo carpandelo carpandelo Andres Andres AlexiaDLC AlexiaDLC shannonmelisa shannonmelisa
okay, this is epic

hes meant to be an emoji he doesnt have jaundice

smez smez
Grey Everywhere!

Challenge by: BerryBunny903
Check her arts!

Charleymikayla Charleymikayla
ethanhshelton ethanhshelton MonsterBunBun MonsterBunBun carpandelo carpandelo amooney8kr5 amooney8kr5 spendle8nrs spendle8nrs Sansfan99 Sansfan99 Sansfan99 Sansfan99 AlexiaDLC AlexiaDLC AlexiaDLC AlexiaDLC Racingkats10 Racingkats10 AlexiaDLC AlexiaDLC
Kill or be Killed ~ Asriel and Flowey side-by-side

Flowey feels no remorse, Asriel is sorry for his mistake, and in this world, it's Kill or be Killed. Oh, btw, if you haven't played/watched all the way through, this would be considered SPOILERS.

Sydysquidy112 Sydysquidy112
Sydysquidy112 Sydysquidy112 Lofah Lofah MaxSchuelke MaxSchuelke sofiabuscemabouso09 sofiabuscemabouso09