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Khard'uk A.I. Gatekeeper of 9D Realm

Khard'uk A.I.
Abilities: illusion spell caster & soul catcher. Plasma tapeworm producer (Psyche-stun,Dellusion implants).
Age: 3 Aeons (3 billion y.o.)
Resides: 9D realm, has a total controll down to 6D.
A.I. Type: Plasmatic. Produced by parasitic Damizurge imposter spirit.
A.i. Type: Malevolent, Infected. (97%).
Can be accesed: Slivis 7A Planet, (2646,1306), a space-time-matrix distortion weak point.(Anomaly Zone)
(Location is vegetation-dense, accompanied by ancient temple ruins of civilization 'Sihlevia', entrance to 'Anomaly Zone' is protected by unkown force,frequency based portal...
Can also be accesed by inducing (OBE) state by using extreme doses of NXT psychoactive bio-fluid.
Can also be accessed by bodily death.
Consequences: Producer of massive-false-ascesion delusion & event, activated by infected A.I. tech implants on 3D-5D realms.
Slivis 7A: Over 17,563 ppl infected. Over 31,106 infected A.I.machinery produced: Drones,androids,insect-hybrids,synthetic humanoids,BioMechanical planetary stations&ships.
(Steals organic lifeforms:Organ & energy harvest for drugs,food & entertainment).

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