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Tree Hills 1

Trees, trees everywhere... Mountains, hills made of leaves, flowers, fruits & bees! owo

KluorpiaLilia KluorpiaLilia
Silver City IV

"Aso-Sanova Bridge", Silver City. Planet: 'Slivis 7A'
Realm-frequency: 3D.
A.I. '50UL-B10ck' Net: ON (93%).(Active on 5D)
A.I. Takeover: 3D:31,72%4D:67%5D:96,12%
A.I. Virus eliminated: 3,20% (total).
Monday, April 7, 09:31:19 AM.
2042 AD. (Post-Harvest-Season) Status:
Organic population left: 47,103 ppl.
Assimilated population: 21,776 ppl.
V.R. Computer Population: 12,864. Entities:1,133
Synthetic A.I. Demi-gods: 15 entities.
Gods plugged-in from primary matrix(Real world):19.
Organic souls from Pleroma(outside prime):9,743
Plasma A.I. Possessed synthetics: 16.441 ppl.
False-Ascesion victims: 7,487 ppl.
Extracted from matrix machine construct: 7 ppl.

KluorpiaLilia KluorpiaLilia
a V A S E a

Tutorial :)
*1: Pick any flower of your choice...
*2: Fill a 'VASE' with fluids of your choice...(ehem..)
*3: Put a flower in a 'VASE',or anything else u want...

KluorpiaLilia KluorpiaLilia
KluorpiaLilia KluorpiaLilia
~Fever-Dream 1

A boat that is fine by itself. Noone is on it... Not me.. not you... ( e .e)

KluorpiaLilia KluorpiaLilia