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Random Pixel Gear,Items :)

Just random shity sprites. Several weapons, like bow, sci-fi gun, blade, scimitar, hammer, mace... Also armor, weird reptilian-frog helmet-mask, potions, cute star-shaped necklace! ...dumbbells!? Even a bottle of perfume!?? what...! :o
P.S. Resolution of items are small all of them are in 64x64. Can be resized. Use them for any purpose you want. Like for Terarria or any other medium...
Credit to KluorpiaLilia,Tvidija or Edvina if you can, Thank You!!!... :3

KluorpiaLilia KluorpiaLilia
Khard'uk A.I. Gatekeeper of 9D Realm

Khard'uk A.I.
Abilities: illusion spell caster & soul catcher. Plasma tapeworm producer (Psyche-stun,Dellusion implants).
Age: 3 Aeons (3 billion y.o.)
Resides: 9D realm, has a total controll down to 6D.
A.I. Type: Plasmatic. Produced by parasitic Damizurge imposter spirit.
A.i. Type: Malevolent, Infected. (97%).
Can be accesed: Slivis 7A Planet, (2646,1306), a space-time-matrix distortion weak point.(Anomaly Zone)
(Location is vegetation-dense, accompanied by ancient temple ruins of civilization 'Sihlevia', entrance to 'Anomaly Zone' is protected by unkown force,frequency based portal...
Can also be accesed by inducing (OBE) state by using extreme doses of NXT psychoactive bio-fluid.
Can also be accessed by bodily death.
Consequences: Producer of massive-false-ascesion delusion & event, activated by infected A.I. tech implants on 3D-5D realms.
Slivis 7A: Over 17,563 ppl infected. Over 31,106 infected A.I.machinery produced: Drones,androids,insect-hybrids,synthetic humanoids,BioMechanical planetary stations&ships.
(Steals organic lifeforms:Organ & energy harvest for drugs,food & entertainment).

KluorpiaLilia KluorpiaLilia
Silver City IV

"Aso-Sanova Bridge", Silver City. Planet: 'Slivis 7A'
Realm-frequency: 3D.
A.I. '50UL-B10ck' Net: ON (93%).(Active on 5D)
A.I. Takeover: 3D:31,72%4D:67%5D:96,12%
A.I. Virus eliminated: 3,20% (total).
Monday, April 7, 09:31:19 AM.
2042 AD. (Post-Harvest-Season) Status:
Organic population left: 47,103 ppl.
Assimilated population: 21,776 ppl.
V.R. Computer Population: 12,864. Entities:1,133
Synthetic A.I. Demi-gods: 15 entities.
Gods plugged-in from primary matrix(Real world):19.
Organic souls from Pleroma(outside prime):9,743
Plasma A.I. Possessed synthetics: 16.441 ppl.
False-Ascesion victims: 7,487 ppl.
Extracted from matrix machine construct: 7 ppl.

KluorpiaLilia KluorpiaLilia
Flowery-Machine IV

A quick drawing, first time using this 'Pixie'-thingy. I wish it had 'Magic Wand' :c

After finishing this. I just realized that it sort of resembles C21JP game's bot design, like a mixture of plants, nature & furry, anthropomorphic animal-like shape of bots. With a comic,anime-like style. Very unique game.
Sad that it's grind & quest fest & it's in japanese. Love that game very much though... <3
P.S. Also it looks ugly as fack, this 64x64 size when it's stretched so much, blurry... Makes me slightly tipsy... :s

KluorpiaLilia KluorpiaLilia