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L'un de mes pokemons prΓ©fΓ©rΓ©s !!

AliceBrian AliceBrian
Pokemon Requests

Need some requests and decided to pixelize pokemon!!! please comment below!!!!!!!! ;D

1017Abigail 1017Abigail
TyaHunter TyaHunter OTAKU OTAKU AliceBrian AliceBrian

Qui n'aimes pas pikachu ?

AliceBrian AliceBrian
annamariehadley annamariehadley

My first pokemon in black and white

AliceBrian AliceBrian

2016-01-16. Pokemon - Voltorb. An Electric pokemon

DevilRed DevilRed
Gardevoir!!!!! :D (a pokemon)

this was requested to me by CrescentQuill

1017Abigail 1017Abigail
woulfie woulfie esquivel2893 esquivel2893 annamariehadley annamariehadley

Frogadier's in-battle sprite from Pokemon X and Y

Squachel-12544 Squachel-12544
AliceBrian AliceBrian

J'espère que ton massko chéri est bien fait, Lucas ^^

AliceBrian AliceBrian
AliceBrian AliceBrian bill bill scoutstein98 scoutstein98 lazerpants lazerpants ZapTheZapdos ZapTheZapdos Pokemon_Pixel_Art Pokemon_Pixel_Art IARETHEDANGER IARETHEDANGER cmdmac23 cmdmac23

I'm not sure if this looks good or not. I'm more on the bad side, saying it doesn't. Tell me what you guys think.

Sophiaisapie Sophiaisapie
Ponyta Pokemon

Little advanced, took about an hour to make.

Sophiaisapie Sophiaisapie
annamariehadley annamariehadley TyaHunter TyaHunter TriforceStudios2716957 TriforceStudios2716957 annamariehadley annamariehadley CatInTheTARDIS CatInTheTARDIS AliceBrian AliceBrian AliceBrian AliceBrian AliceBrian AliceBrian AliceBrian AliceBrian AliceBrian AliceBrian annamariehadley annamariehadley annamariehadley annamariehadley Zzimint Zzimint Pencilsharpener Pencilsharpener calebthieman calebthieman Sans-19747 Sans-19747 Sans-19747 Sans-19747 JustFun456 JustFun456 DevilRed DevilRed bill bill

A Pikachu from the game, TCG, show, and manga series Pokemon. Made for a very special friend.

hockeypayt hockeypayt
lazerpants lazerpants lazerpants lazerpants
Sceptile (Pixelated)

Well this is what I pretty much look like in pixel form. :P

Sceptile Sceptile
mackenzie_h mackenzie_h annamariehadley annamariehadley

This is a pixel art image of Pikachu (the original and best ;) Pokemon) because I wanted to.

crovus300 crovus300
Trainer xToxic

Recolor of Trainer Gold, hope you Pokefans out there see this and like it :)

xToxic xToxic
Anonymous Anonymous lolololo lolololo annamariehadley annamariehadley annamariehadley annamariehadley annamariehadley annamariehadley annamariehadley annamariehadley