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Dan and Phil

Phil looks taller because I failed at Dan but I tried xD

creativeStarshine creativeStarshine
MajikJAKson MajikJAKson creativeStarshine creativeStarshine Immortal_Wolf Immortal_Wolf JustcallmeMaddy JustcallmeMaddy xmanmario xmanmario TyaHunter TyaHunter RainbowdustSWAG RainbowdustSWAG theeuph365740 theeuph365740 theeuph365740 theeuph365740 theeuph365740 theeuph365740 theeuph365740 theeuph365740 RainbowdustSWAG RainbowdustSWAG elisetheriveter elisetheriveter Davidespinosarestrepo160723 Davidespinosarestrepo160723 jacobozapataurrego jacobozapataurrego alexaduque alexaduque jinjijoo56 jinjijoo56 marcorosas marcorosas BKialeuk3557 BKialeuk3557 carpandelo carpandelo WindfireGinga WindfireGinga carpandelo carpandelo ToastBot ToastBot spendle8nrs spendle8nrs BerryBunny903 BerryBunny903 ilewisskin4nrp ilewisskin4nrp
me Hannah

my face when im alone and sometimes after i play talking tom gold run

necko-cyan necko-cyan
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Kill or be Killed ~ Asriel and Flowey side-by-side

Flowey feels no remorse, Asriel is sorry for his mistake, and in this world, it's Kill or be Killed. Oh, btw, if you haven't played/watched all the way through, this would be considered SPOILERS.

Sydysquidy112 Sydysquidy112
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Sprite 121114

its never getting better than this~

JustcallmeMaddy JustcallmeMaddy
RainbowdustSWAG RainbowdustSWAG
Mushroom Zombie

The only (unless in blood moon or with a water candle) surface mushroom biome enemy. This is also my favourite Zombie :P.
KB Resist:70%

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