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Hi Guys I'm Down Here From Reddit! I am Jason here, I have a new game out, & I am a new user on reddit. I hope u all like it! I am also an Among Us Fan. I have almost all of social media, by the way, & I am also 18 yrs old. I am also on deviantart, pinterest, twitch, github, youtube, & I also have a discord! I like Among us, Fall guys, Chrono trigger, Goozy, Kirby, Fortnite, Roblox, & Minecraft! I also have MA with Num Kirby. Here is what I like & dislike: I like playing games. I like making songs. I dislike school. I dislike getting banned. Yeah, then on the east side, I have a new game out. Download it on Itch.Io. Also, Just so u know, This: I am on Google meet sometimes. I do FanArt. I make kawaii beats. I am always active. I would trust u all on that this is awesome. These are all awesome I swear. ENJOY;)


JTAS's Pixel Memo

A cool Memo of Me in Among Us