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Colo Lolo Heart Pony

Credit to Firewalllol check out his sprites they are AWESOME

emilybradley emilybradley
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Persona 3 protagonist

Created using the magic of copy and paste

EpicWolf EpicWolf
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Sprite 93427

I have a braid addiction send help

JustcallmeMaddy JustcallmeMaddy
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i <3 u mom

this is for your mom's

pixie_user-285 pixie_user-285
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Earthbound Ness

This is day 1 cuz I'm making something for my bae's b day. It's in 5 day!!

RedPandaGamer RedPandaGamer
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Talk to the Cat? Y/N

You hear a voice.
???: Oh, are you awake yet?
You attempt to speak but only manage a small groan. You can barely move, but are slowly able to regain strength. The last thing you remember is a hushed whisper calling for help. You hear the voice again.
???: Well I guess Sleeping Beauty is waking up, you alright?
You slowly open your eyes. You wake up in a fenced in yard. There is a normal-looking two story house behind you with a polished oak wood door. In front of you sits an orange tabby cat with sparkling brown eyes. The cat tilts it head curiously as it stares at you.
Talk to the cat? Y/N.

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