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Garest uninin

Garest is a hot pink blood, the highest blood (But they were killed off and now he's the only one left) and now he seeks to kill the empress so he can take his rightful spot as king of bloods. He is a lord of life and has mind control, can speak to animals, teleport, has the yellow blood powers (I forgot what they were called uwu sowwy) can shoosh pap anyone into calming friendship, can fly with his pink wings, and can breathe underwater with his gilled tentabulge. Speaking of which, he has five. His strife spectise is a lazer sword (NOT FROM STAR WARS) that cuts people instantly and then gives him their power and souls. Also, his blood color prevents him from feeling pain or dying which sucks cuz all he wants is to die. (like meeeeeee :'3 crys while being toast)

iloveundertale89 iloveundertale89
796x1064 Large