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worlistifer worlistifer
all ponies

If you want your OC on there, add the tag 'worlistifer ' on it and I will find it.

But I need a few requirements:
If your picture has 2 ponies on it, please tell me which one is yours.
If you want me to do 2 ponies, put and identify( for example: 1. chocolate breeze ( I made that up), peagasus, brown with pink mane) the one you want the most. to be fair I will only do 1 then come back for others.
I must be able to see their color, mane and mane color, cutie mark, and accessories
If the pony has blood, gore, or something inappropriate, I won't do it. otherwise, get wild!

PS: don't do really detailed stuff, I will need to simplify it, so it might not look like it did. :P

worlistifer worlistifer
Large Square 700x700