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Haiii i am Day even though my name states otherwise. I cant really change it. I love anime and other stuff. Start a conversation about any anime and i will totally talk your ears off. also Nar Nar is a word in my dictionary. dont question it! And I write books now so if you want to check them out make an account on wattpad and search @Daylight20202 but yeah. baibai


Pokememes Flag

Its a flag. for pokemon. and memes. its the pokememes flag

_Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop
_Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop
Princess Rosalinda

The supposed daughter of peach and luigi but believe what you like but if you want real proof watch the three episodes on rosalinda on The Game Theorists channel ;)

_Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop
_Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop _Royal_Porkchop